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Froala Design Blocks – One Week Insights

Design and UX have always been at the core of the Froala WYSIWYG Editor. Now, we are excited we had the chance to create an open environment for web design that can help both devs and us – the everyday Internet users – browse better websites.

Last week, we launched a collection of over 170 Design Blocks to empower developers to focus more on functionality rather than design. The Froala Design Blocks project is built on Bootstrap 4; it’s responsive, open source and free to use.

In this previous week, we accomplished more than we have expected and the Froala Design Blocks seem to be the product that so many web devs were looking for. We also gathered a lot of interesting insights that we want to share with you all. There are so many things to say, and for this reason, I’m just going to make a summary of all the things that happened, but we’re going to detail them during the following weeks in separate blog posts.

  1. 3500+ stars on Github in one week and featured as a Github trending repo
  2. The most upvoted product on Product Hunt on October 19, 2017 with 894 upvotes ?
  3. Featured in Sitepoint Newsletter ?
  4. Featured in WebDesignerDepot Newsletter ?
  5. Featured on AWWWARDS ?
  6. Everyone talks about it on Twitter ?

Next, we’re planning to make them Web Components to ease the integration within front-end frameworks and libraries. But till then, we’re preparing some great new things for the Froala Editor, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

The world says you shouldn’t miss this one. If you haven’t already checked it out, go ahead, take a look, let us know what you think and spread the word if you like it.

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