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Froala Pages: Your JavaScript Page Builder

Our Vision

Our vision has always been about pushing web editing limits further and further. We are constantly challenging the evolution of WYSIWYG editors and that’s what makes the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor the most wanted editor on the market.

We saw a gap in the market for an easy but powerful page builder and realized it was the perfect opportunity to combine our WYSIWYG Editor and Design Blocks to create the best of both worlds.

The Future of Page Building

The thesis is simple: Include a page building experience in your application without reinventing the wheel. Froala Pages is using a modular concept of designing web pages. Design Blocks accelerates the design process and offers uniformity and consistency among different sections of your website.


Froala WYSIWYG Editor is the living proof that we know how to create tools for developers with great UX for end-users.

Plug & Play

 It's easy to get started and use the JS page builder right away together with the Froala Design Blocks Open Source web design library.

Easy to extend

From custom design blocks to custom features, our page builder is designed to be adaptive, just like our WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

Froala Pages

We are excited to announce the official release of Froala Pages! It encompasses our vision of how the page building experience should be. We're happy to announce that you can demo the page builder online or sign up for the trial to build 10 Pages for Free.

Edit and Design Modes

Edit and Design in the same place, but not with the same interface. The UI has built-in modes, each of them conceived to optimize your focus on what you need.


A true What You See Is What You Get interface to edit the content on your web page


Optimized for searching and combining design blocks that form a web page.

Design Blocks

Froala Pages is using a modular concept of designing web pages. Design blocks accelerate the design process and offer uniformity and consistency among different sections of your website.

Default Blocks

Use the Javascript page builder right away with Froala Design Blocks.

Custom Blocks

Need something different? Build your own block to use with Pages.


The default design blocks are responsive and have been tested.

Device Views

Don't take our word for it, use the device views.


Modern Design

We carefully analyzed the latest industry trends and designed a nice modern interface that users will love.

Intuitive UI

Froala page builder was designed with usability in mind and has a very intuitive UI that users will find natural to use.

Drag & Drop

People love drag & drop because it feels natural, and makes things a lot easier.

Custom Toolbars

Too many buttons? Perhaps not in the right order? You have full control over the editor's toolbar functionality on each screen size.

Custom Behavior

No two applications are the same, and the page builder was built for any use-case. Everything can be customized or custom made.

SVG icons

The page builder uses SVG icons, scalable vectorial icons that look gorgeous at any size and on any screen.


Built by the same standards and inheriting all the benefits of our WYSIWYG editor.

Easy to integrate

The page builder can be integrated in any kind of projects in no time. It requires only basic javascript and HTML coding knowledge.

Easy to upgrade

Keep all your customizations separated from the editor folder and upgrading is just a matter of downloading the new version.

High quality code

For us "high-quality" code means LTFCE, in other words: Legible, Testable, Flexible, Compliant and Economical.

Cross Browser

Are you an Apple fan? Or Microsoft? It doesn't matter, our editor will work the same on Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers.

No Dependencies

No dependencies, not even jQuery, just pure Vanilla Javascript. The go-to option for any developer in any stack.


Froala Pages is designed with performance in mind and will withstand the most rigorous tests.

Try Pages Today!

We can't wait to see what you'll build with Pages. Enough talking, see you on the website! Download 10 pages for free at!

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