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Our new product: Design Blocks

Today we have some announcements to make and it’s not only about launching a new product. Yes, we have the Froala Design Blocks in beta testing, but it’s not actually a new product, it’s a fusion between Froala Websites and Froala Design Framework. Thanks to all of you who helped us shape a new and faster way to design a website.

We went through several iterations with our website builder to define the product you need. It’s been painful, it had ups and downs and the bottom line is that we all need fast website design. This means a faster way to design your website and download the code for it. So we had the website builder that allowed people to create and customize the website’s design and we had the design framework that was the code behind it. What came out of it is named Froala Design Blocks.

You can still get the entire package with HTML5 and CSS3 code and build your website, just like you did with the Froala Design Framework, and this makes Froala Design Blocks the new version of the framework. But, as developers, we know that developers are lazy.

Developers are lazy

If you’re lazy too you shouldn’t be ashamed with it, because the best developers are lazy. What’s the point of writing monotonous and repetitive code? We need to find a way to speed up the production and automate this process. Our entire lives as developers are devoted to finding the right libraries and tools to eliminate receptivity. So who wouldn’t like to have code generate itself instead of writing it?

I always dreamed of code writing itself while I only think of it. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re doing our best to get closer and closer. That’s how Design Blocks came to life. We added the editing features of the Froala Websites next to the Design Framework. What came out is an amazing tool with a dead simple UX which allows you to rapidly design your website, by combining the design blocks you like, edit them with our WYSIWYG HTML Editor and then download it.

Website design is now just a matter of combining the right design blocks and avoid the WET principle which usually stands for “we enjoy typing” or “waste everyone’s time”. The key takeaway is that being lazy is good and it starts with HTML and CSS code.


Let’s not forget that designers are playing a very important role in website design. Statistically talking, 35% of the people who downloaded the Froala Design Framework are designers.

Froala Design Framework users

That’s why the new Froala Design Blocks comes with a special pack for designers. It contains the AI files for all of the design blocks and even more: icons. Yes, we also have a set of line icons, and the AI files for them are included in the Designer’s Pack.

That being said, go and test the Froala Design Blocks cause you really want that website live and don’t waste time.

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