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The Summer Startup Tan-Effect

Summer is not only about the sun, cocktails and beaches. It’s also the best part of the year to make some important progress in your startup. Just don’t stress out too much and don’t forget to get some tan.

Less active users

Who would’ve thought that less active users can be a good thing? Most companies, especially startups, face this during summer. And most people accept this as a fact, but did you know we can actually use this as an advantage?

Summer users

Less active users usually turn into less support tickets and more time. By using this extra time carefully we can make some great progress and perhaps outrun our competition. Not only that we have time to plan, we also have time to implement, test strategies and develop new features.

Empty space

As social beings, we enjoy having people around us, but this has ups and downs. Unfortunately, it can also affect our capability to focus on our own thoughts and develop them. It doesn’t mean we are alone during summer. People are in vacation, having fun, and we feel good about them. We’re not alone, there are just some empty desks.

Empty desks

And since nobody is watching, we can stare into space without feeling uncomfortable. Our brains need us to waste time in order to perform better, but we feel guilty with downtime, so we usually cancel it and get busy again. It’s like busyness is our badge of honor, when in reality is our pitfall.

Do more by doing less

Sounds idealistic, but it’s actually perfectly possible. The general feeling of vacation makes us more relaxed and thus more productive. There’s no rush, no one is expecting us to do anything spectacular, so we worry less about keeping up with time.

Our brains are not computers. We just want to appear smart in front of others and therefore we’re multitasking, but in reality we’re getting tired, less creative, less efficient and more prone to errors. Does that sound smart now?

It’s like in medicine, we have to find the MED (minimum effective dose). Anything over may be a loss, so there’s no point in doing it and anything less might not be effective. Summer is so great because it helps us find the MED without even trying to do so.

Outrun competition

With vacation in mind and less active users, most businesses slow down their activity. This is another important factor that added to the list above can be used to outrun your competition. Just be careful not to stress out too much about it, otherwise all the help summer is giving us is in vain.

Summer Competition

What’s next?

Well obviously autumn :D. But until then make your mind: what you want to do this summer? If you’re going into a long vacation, watch out for competitors. If you’re using the summer advantage for your business, don’t forget to also take a break once a while to enjoy the sun with a cocktail next to you.

Does anyone know the perfect location for a summer vacation?

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