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“Why your blog hasn’t been updated this year?”

That's what someone asked us in an email. And it's a very good question. We used to write here more often and lots of you were eagerly waiting for updates from us. However, this year we focused most of our resources in improving the editor, the design framework and building another great product. I'll tell you a little more about it a bit later.

Editor releases

This year, we made 9 releases for the editor so far containing bug fixing, enhancements and lots of new features. That's at least one release each month. Back in May we added in a new feature which gets rid of the Javascript execCommand method which is not consistent in all browsers and produces unpredictable results. It's a big step forward we made in WYSIWYG editing.

Some of you asked about specific features such as multiple image upload, video upload or an enhanced media manager. Yes, we're currently working on them and they will be available this summer.

Design Framework

This is our 2nd product, launched after the editor, that many of you tried and sent feedback over to us. In late spring we redesigned its basics, added some nice touches of material design and version 2 will be released in the following months. Also, we moved it from LESS to SAAS and we'll do the same thing with the editor shortly.

Under progress

Besides these two products, we're currently developing a website building service. Like we did with the editor two years ago, we're pushing forward the website building limits and introducing new features that make it fun to create and manage a website.

The website builder is based on the other two products: WYSIWYG HTML Editor and Design Framework. It combines the super simple editing experience with the modern clean design provided by the design framework to create an outstanding website. We're working hard on this right now and we'll start taking betas soon. Therefore, make sure you subscribe for it so that you can be the first one to find about it.

Our promise

Indeed, we have ignored this blog a bit in the last months, however you'll hear from us more often from now on. We'll make sure to bring the latest news to you about WYSIWYG editing and creating websites every two weeks in short blog posts. That's a promise!

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