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Designer Goodies

A business man and woman working at their workstations, him with a yellow diamond above and her with a Ps above.

PSD and Sketch

A design tool is complete only if designers can use it as well. Froala Design Blocks is the bridge that connects designers and developers to reduce or even eliminate communication gaps.


Froala Design Blocks is using the awesome Open Source illustrations created by unDraw. They have vectorial images that can be customized on-the-fly.

a man and woman discussing their notes written on posted notes on a grid wall.
Working professionals organizing mobile applications and pasting them onto a massive smart phone.


As they say, "simply beautiful open source icons", that's what we are using the Design Blocks. Feather icons created some very nice icons and we are happy to have them in our project.


A photo is worth a thousand words, and Pexels surely knows that. Froala Design Blocks uses photos made by the talented photographers from Pexels.

Cartoon people in a white field observing the walls filled with dialogue boxes and diagrams.
A man and woman wearing winter clothing standing on circles shaped into brand icons.

Creative Tim

Communities are great place to get help and Creative Tim is one of our main contributors. With great sense of aesthetics, their designs always stand out.

Cartoon of a smiling man wearing a blue collard shirt with a black bow tie in a circle.


- by Creative Tim -


A bright blue rectangle filled in blue against a white backdrop.


A large violet rectangle filled with a violet gradient against a white plain background.


a large red rectangle filled with a red gradient against a plain white background.


A soft, light yellow rectangle against a plain white background.


A bright teal green rectangle filled in green against a white backdrop.

Supported with by Froala