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Ember JS Froala WYSIWYG Editor


ember & ember-cli 2.15.0+


ember install ember-froala-editor


Take a look at the configuration documentation page for details on the exact configuration options. But basically you add 'ember-froala-editor':{} within your ember-cli-build.js file and adjust the available configuration options. Ex:

// ember-cli-build.js
// ... (snip)

  'ember-froala-editor': {
    languages: ['es','fr','de'],
    plugins  : true,
    themes   : 'royal'

// ... (snip)


Take a look at the documentation Website for full usage details. But basically this addon comes with a few Ember Components and Helpers to use within your project templates.


Test Helper

This addon also provides a convenient test helper to interact with the editor in acceptance tests. It functions similar to the ember provided fillIn() test helper. Take a look at the Testing page on the docs Website for more details.

fillInFroalaEditor('#my-editor', '<p>Foobar</p>');
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