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Froala Charts

Interactive charts to build insightful data visualizations in your web or mobile apps

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Thousands of companies in over 100 countries are using Froala.

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What do you get with Froala Charts?

Froala Charts Tour Basic Charts


With 20+ chart types, Froala Charts consists of the most commonly used basic charts such as column, line, and pie for your reports and dashboards.



From Gauges and KPIs to funnel and pyramid charts, Froala Widgets makes your dashboards and monitors a lot more insightful.

Froala Charts Tour Power Charts

Domain-Specific Charts

Advanced charting using Heat maps, treemaps, radar, statistical charts, and more for domain-specific usage.

Built by Developers for Developers.

Froala Charts allows users to configure charts to suit their unique needs. Use attributes, layers or events and APIs along with abundant charting features to create insightful dashboards.

Popular Charting Features


Customize how charts behave when users perform certain actions, using events and API.

Drill Down

Drill down to endless levels to provide viewers with deep insights into data.


Make beautiful and informative tooltips to help viewers quickly see context- sensitive information about data.

Chart Loading Config

Display messages or images, every time the chart loads. Customize the message/ source image in any way you want, and link it to the chart.


Zoom, scroll, and pan through Zoom Scatter charts, for better insights into individual data plots, or compare between two series of data values.

Number Formatting

Display numbers in global/European formats, and let viewers switch between them on the fly.

Why do 800,000 developers love Froala?


Easy to use with a low learning curve

Create your first chart in under 15 minutes. And with consistent API across different charts build your next dashboards in a snap.


Customizable looks and feel

Give your dashboards a modern look with multiple pre-built themes or build your own themes with ease.


Support for the choice of your frameworks

From React to Ruby on Rails and CDN to NPM, Froala Charts supports the tech stack of your choice for both frontend and backend.

Froala Charts Tour Extensive Documentation

Extensive documentation

Comprehensive documentation for each library or programming language, with a lot of live-examples.

Froala Charts Tour Inspiration

A plethora of examples for inspiration

Get ready-to-use chart examples, industry-specific dashboards and even data stories, available with source code for you to quickly get started.

Froala Charts Tour Maps

Charts for all your data vizualization needs

Build interactive dashboard, reports ,and powerful data visualizations using basic to advanced charts and widgets.


Intelligent configurations to save your time

Smart defaults to help you get started, but providing deep configuration for each chart element.

Froala Charts Tour Browser Support

Support for modern and old browsers

From IE8 to Google Chrome and everything in between, it just works!


Active roadmap

Frequent updates, quick bug fixes, and customer-driven roadmap.


Priority support with live chat

Best-in-class support to help you with all your web & mobile projects.

Froala Charts Tour Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing

Pricing plans customized for different team sizes, usage (internal vs SaaS), up-front vs annual.

Easy Front-end Integrations

Froala Charts is easy to integrate with any JavaScript framework or programming language of choice.

Front-end Integrations

Why should you choose Froala Charts?

There are over 800,000 developers from 28,000+ companies who prefer Froala Charts products over Open source or other paid libraries.

Here are a few reasons:

The tabs are working. Please, note, that you have to add a template to the library in order to be able to display it inside the tabs.

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