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Froala Charts

Interactive charts to build insightful data visualizations in your web or mobile apps

All the Charts you Need to Build Engaging Reports and Dashboards

Get all the variations of basic to advanced charts such as Bar, Line, Area, Heat Map, Sankey, Radar, Timeseries and more. Apply styling, themes and customization to blend these with your unique brand.

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Thousands of companies in over 100 countries are using Froala.

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Why Froala Charts?

The most comprehensive charting library for your project.


Ease of Use & Configurability

No learning curve to get started with your first chart or dashboard. Consistent APIs and numerous configuration options, you can alter the look-and-feel based on your needs. Smart defaults to automatically detect best charting options.


Chart Everything

Large selection of chart types, so you’ll never find yourself looking outside for your charting needs. Plot millions of data points in-browser with seamless time navigation and no glitches. Export dashboards in the format of choice (.csv, .pdf, and more).


Outstanding Support

Regular product release cadence with new features and continuous product improvements. Flexible licensing based on your team requirements and outstanding product support via live chat, forums, and email.

What’s Included?

Froala Charts is your enterprise-grade data visualization solution. From commonly used charts such as column, line, pie to gauges, funnel charts, heat maps and more, your dashboards and other apps will be transformed with Froala Charts.


Basic Charts

Widely used chart types including column, line, pie, combo charts and more to build reports and dashboards that your users will love.



Enhance real-time data in dashboards and monitors with powerful widgets such as Gauges, KPIs, funnels, charts and more.


Domain-Specific Charts

Advanced set of charting widgets including heat maps, sankey, chord, radar, timeseries, and many others to create powerful data visualizations.

Easy Front-end Integrations

Froala Charts is easy to integrate with any JavaScript framework or programming language of choice.

Front-end Integrations

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